Foam Proportioner Testing HEF, AR and AFFF Systems

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-Working Since 2006

Our company offers the most cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to your annual foam proportioner testing.

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Benefits Using
Our Process

  • Saves on cost of using foam concentrate.
  • Water only testing which has no environment impacts, clean-up concerns, and containment/disposal costs.
  • Ability to allow system to operate for longer periods of time while only flowing water.
  • Ability to vary the system operating parameters over a wide range of flow rates.
  • Simple set-up of equipment and ease of conducting tests.
  • Meeting manufacturer's requirements for flushing the system with water.
  • Overall reduction in risk of poor system performance.

Customers say

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"The Navistar Assembly Plant in Springfield, Ohio contracts Foam Solutions to test our fire protection systems. The employees at Foam Solutions are experts in their field and keep our Assembly Plant, Paint Facility and Truck Specialty Center in...compliance with NFPA requirements in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. We enjoy working with these knowledgeable professionals and trust them to ensure our foam proportioning system is performing correctly each year."

This reviewes are our client opinions on our services.
Business Associate

"Foam solutions made it extremely easy to book an appointment to make sure we where compliant. They went above and beyond in fixing all of the issues we had, and made sure we knew how to stay compliant!"

This reviewes are our client opinions on our services.
Steven Baldwin
Business Owner

"We contract foam solutions to come in and test our foam proportioner system to hopefully cut down on the cost of a regular foam test. We are happy to say it was much cheaper, and they did an amazing job!"

This reviewes are our client opinions on our services.
Kris Young
Business Associate
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We take pride in our ability to service all of North America, and a majority of South America. With partners around the globe! Where ever you are we can get on track to being 100% compliant!

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